Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hit the Road

      The first leg from my home in Pennsylvania, took us to a hotel in Tennessee.  Of course this picture is in no way representative of the south, but I'll say this: Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are frightening hives of tourist attractions (read: traps).  Neon lights, fiberglass dinosaurs, custom airbrushed t-shirts, and of course, Ripley's this and wax that, every possible angle to squeeze an extra couple of dollars out of the American tourist.  That is, the tourists in America.  In afterthought, it might've made for some pretty interesting photos if I was up for it.  Well, a smoky night on a strip of micro amusement after a long drive, and I'm one, two, three, four whole states away from home.  Can't complain with a roof over you and a pillow underneath.  If you're headed to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hold your breath till you've past the last billboard and breathe that welcoming sigh of fresh mountain air at the Sugarlands welcome center.  
     I'm actually on my way out of St. Louis, but hopefully we'll fill in the gaps soon.  Good news, though: I've got this little laptop running again, and it's chugging out photos like a trooper.  Hopefully, some free wifi and a little I'm-tired-of-highway syndrome will find me looking through more photos.  

Look out Omaha, Nebraska.

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