Friday, July 16, 2010

Feed the Birds

    Living in South Central Pennsylvania is boring.  Spending high school away from home, and college even farther means most of the people you know don't live anywhere nearby.  Of course, living on a golf course rated an excellent place to retire doesn't do much for social life, either.  Well, what of it? I guess it's a bit of quiet, alone time.  Time to sit and look out the window.
    My parents have a bird feeder in the backyard (actually two), on a metal pole and staked into the ground.  Robins, bluejays, bluebirds, and an occasional cardinal, all pretty exciting really, but the squirrels and chipmunks make off with most of the loot. I'm guessing that's what this guy and his friend were after.  Adolescent great horned owls? They don't seem to have their horns yet and I don't think they usually travel in pairs; that's my guess. There was definitely an adult that lived around my backyard maybe 5 years ago. Any bird enthusiasts out there?  
Some things happening in the background; I'm thinking it's a couple of things.  Shooting through a window and screen distorts the bokeh/depth-of-field-blurring.  Here's an example salvaged from my facebook profile page a couple years ago (SF zoo, f/4).  You can see the mesh of the chain link fence pretty clearly.
I love tigers.
      That and I'm still getting the hang of this camera - I've left it on auto ISO most of the time.  I guess it would be good to figure out just how much weight that has shutter speed and aperture in their priority modes.  Really handy in full manual though.  I remember reading something about limiting it too (keep it from going too high).  Of course there's scaling and jpeg compression, too, both of which actually do a pretty nice job of covering up the noise,

     Anyhow, feel free to ignore the pseudo-technical babble and spend the "00:01:29 Avg. Time on Sitejust looking at the picters.  Or trying to leave. I mean, I guess it's unfortunate that a minute and a half is a long time to stare at a picture.

Anyhow, anyhow... Great horned owl?
nice arrow.

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