Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clothing from my dear sisters across the country.
Thanks for helping me look less creepy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Dog

Who am I kidding? I love robots

Fish Bot

I've just been AIM Fish Bot-ed
Apparently a bot (like ro-bot) collects screennames, and sends a message to two people from one to the other and proceeds to let them talk to each other thinking the other initiated the conversation.
After being completely defensive and weary, I googled the screenname and found Project Upstream.
Pretty clever, no? Perhaps as a social experiment to see what people say to one another or how they react. Here's my fellow victum "QuackingCoho" (it's a fake screenname)

(3:38:41 AM) quackingcoho So... trebuchets.
(3:38:56 AM) angeow how bout them...
(3:39:19 AM) angeow who's this?
(3:40:03 AM) quackingcoho hm how bout u tell me who thou r erst
(3:40:10 AM) angeow haha
(3:40:16 AM) angeow because you initiated
(3:41:06 AM) quackingcoho hmm im pretty sure u aimed me erst
(3:42:24 AM) angeow what country are you from?
(3:43:51 AM) quackingcoho america
(3:43:54 AM) quackingcoho how bout u
(3:44:01 AM) angeow USA
(3:44:36 AM) quackingcoho oh please do forgive not usually that technical when chatting on scribe
(3:44:50 AM) angeow haha, all right
(3:44:53 AM) angeow state?
(3:45:02 AM) angeow a/s/l?
(3:45:18 AM) quackingcoho how bout u tell me wat country ur from and we'll go thence
(3:45:26 AM) angeow usa
(3:45:30 AM) quackingcoho loyal
(3:45:33 AM) quackingcoho mass
(3:45:36 AM) quackingcoho u?
(3:45:43 AM) angeow new england as well
(3:46:19 AM) quackingcoho do u go to college?
(3:46:32 AM) angeow probably
(3:47:41 AM) quackingcoho so assuming that u do go, which one do u attend?
(3:48:27 AM) angeow do you go to a college?
(3:49:18 AM) angeow assuming that you're a predator of some sort identifying an institution could pinpoint my location
(3:50:10 AM) quackingcoho well actually im simply curious

see Project Upstream
and thanks to this blogpost for explaining it for me

Further googling led me to fish robots, which actually bear striking resemblence to a lecture from last year about automated research submarines. Who doesn't want a robot fish? honestly?

In other news, I've applied some pseudo-corporate internships in Information Technology. Economic Stimulus anyone?