Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I've been neglecting my web-presence for a while. Leave it to finally getting around to exams, spending countless hours downsizing my wardrobe and packing up my room, driving home, packing again, flying, attending an MBA graduation, having dinners and picnics, more flying, and more dinners.

  • Family - aunts, uncles, cousins, pseudo-neices, great aunts/uncles - the works
  • Food - indescribable (for a number of reasons)
  • People not only drive on the left, they also walk straight into my right-tending paths
  • Finding my relatives is no longer simply a matter of "oh, there's the short, black-haired person"
  • I have a very poor sense of how old people are until i see them up close
  • It's mad hot.
  • It's mad humid.
  • Having less hair helps
  • 50mm (30mm x 1.6 crop) really IS a useful, street-worthy focal length (f/1.4 ain't bad, either)
  • Accents are surprisingly difficult to understand even after so many visits
  • The little bit of Chinese I know is actually really useful
  • "You're not from Singapore, are you?" "no, I'm from USA *coughswineflusneezecough*" cracks me up
  • There're actually people in the Communicable Disease Center Quarantine (swineflu's no laughing matter)
  • I have No idea what time it is, ever.
  • Stores carry my sizes!
  • I don't fit into "small" anymore
  • Country-wide sale? Yes, please.
  • I'm sleepy.

Have a pleasant day.

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